Selling in Winter with an edge.

Winter is predominately a bit slower when it comes to property sales. So I wanted to share with you my winter sales tips, that I feel will help you with turning your investments over quicker then your competitors. 1.      Create street Appeal. It really doesn’t matter what season you are selling in, street appeal should always … Continue reading “Selling in Winter with an edge.”

Tax Time Is Approaching Fast!

It’s almost the end of the financial year. So now is the perfect time to do your tax returns for 2017 as well as forward planning for 2018, to ensure that you can save on tax that is payable. Besides the usual receipts and items that are claimable there are a few tips and reminders … Continue reading “Tax Time Is Approaching Fast!”

Property Clock- Timing the market

I often hear of property investors purchasing in different states within Australia to capitalise on different market movements. I find this type of investing a bit speculative as the only profits that can be made is when we see market movement. At Multiply Property Group we encourage manufactured growth. We also look at ways in … Continue reading “Property Clock- Timing the market”

When is the right time to buy a property?

This is a question that I get asked a lot and to be honest it isn’t one that can be answered in a short answer. The reality though is that no matter what is happening in the market there are always opportunities. Opportunities are present in all markets- a declining market a flat market and … Continue reading “When is the right time to buy a property?”

The Lakes Revitalisation Strategy

The City of Cockburn have released plans for zoning changes in the eastern areas of Bibra Lake, parts of North Lake and all of South Lake for public comment. The proposed changes are quite extensive and involve fairly dramatic density changes, so it could mean some major changes to the structure and pricing of these suburbs.

The proposal is still in it’s early stages and will more than likely see a few changes before it’s all finalised, but even if everything goes to plan the zoning changes won’t take effect for at least a couple of years. It’s maintaining awareness of upcoming changes such as these that allows you to grab a great property deal before it hits the news and prices increase. It’s never a guarantee that the proposal will go through at all at all, or that the prices in the suburb will increase once it does, but that is the pattern we’re seeing time and time again with re-zonings such as this .

So what happens now? The proposal is now open for public feedback from the 26th …

Common Development Pitfalls

Time and time again I am approached by people telling me they would love to be a property developer. Being a full time property investor and developer myself, I often feel this statement is heavily romanticised. Most people just focus on the returns and not the process, glossing over the risks and time involved to make a development a profitable experience. I have regular meetings with people who initially excitedly embarked on their journey of becoming a “do it yourself developer” only to realise that they were actually going to lose money on their project, as well as time.

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means trying to discourage beginners or discount the monetary rewards you can achieve through a development. I know first hand how beneficial these can be …

6 Common Ways to Develop Property

There are many ways in which properties can be developed, and the precise method depends on your circumstances and plans for building your property portfolio. Subdivision We project manage the subdivision for you from start to finish, in a professional and seamless manner. This begins with an overview, feasibility, planning, construction and creating the new title.

We liaise with all authorities and trades people …

What a difference a month can make!

Wow! What a difference a month can make in the property industry! As some of you may be aware our Eastern States property investors have been achieving great results in the way of capital gains over the last 12 months. In particular the outperforming states have been Sydney and Melbourne. Due to this growth, which …

Market Update

Nat talks about the how the national market is affecting Perth investors and gives some tips on how to continue moving your portfolio forward in spite of such a flat market in Perth. Summary: There has been a lot of hype in the last few months in relation to housing affordability and potentially a property …

How do you choose a surveyor?

One of the most important choices you can make when developing a property is choosing the right Surveyor. Get it right and it’s smooth sailing. Get it wrong and even the smallest mistakes can cost you thousands. Is it really that important? I can tell you after dealing with developments everyday for over 13 years …

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Expert Property Investor reveals the simple strategy she used to build a $6.2M property portfolio in the Australian Real Estate Market

The best time to invest is when competition is low and supply increasing, it means you can get properties at discounted prices and great terms! At Subpro we look at how you can control your asset and increase its value through value- add strategies. By doing this you are not reliant on the market- you … Continue reading “Expert Property Investor reveals the simple strategy she used to build a $6.2M property portfolio in the Australian Real Estate Market”

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