Selling in Winter with an edge.

Selling in Winter with an edge.

Winter is predominately a bit slower when it comes to property sales. So I wanted to share with you my winter sales tips, that I feel will help you with turning your investments over quicker then your competitors.

1.      Create street Appeal. It really doesn’t matter what season you are selling in, street appeal should always be at your forefront. It’s the first impression people get of your home. If they dislike the outside it’s hard to get them in and to then change their mind. Yet if it looks neat, pleasant and well maintained from the front people will me more inclined to take a look inside. Make sure the lawns are maintained all paintwork looks fresh and clean.

2. Light! As much as possible! Winter months are normally grey and dull. So anyway in which you can create a sense of light will ensure that your property stands out. This is includes not only natural light but also artificial light in the form of candles and or lamps. For home opens, pull back your curtains and open blinds.

3. Home repairs are vitally important. Generally I would suggest you don’t spend money on things a potential buyer cannot see or notice. Every dollar you spend you want to make sure you can make a return on. However in winter especially if you don’t maintain your property the damage that can occur can be visual for a potential buyer and thus turn them off your property as well as costing you extra dollars to fix. So clean your gutters and fix any roof issues prior to listing your property.

4. When thinking of winter the sight and feeling of warmth, coziness and ambience come to mind. So when selling your home clean and declutter as much as possible. However add furnishings like, rugs, cushions, throw rugs and lamps to create the homely feel, if you have a fireplace turn it on.

5. If your house lends itself to entertaining throughout the year and all seasons, then highlight this. Show how this is possible for example if you have cafe blinds have these down and any outdoor heaters on to show how this space can be utilized for entertaining in the colder months.

Winter months although historically have a lower turnover rate they shouldn’t be feared as a time to list a property.

If supply is down and your property is priced and presented well it will sell.

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