Project Management

If you are a property investor or a property owner who would like to take their property to it’s maximum value and use, Multiply can help you with the subdivision process. We offer an overview and feasibility report so you know exactly what your development is going to cost you from the beginning. We also share with you the anticipated time frames for your development. Multiply’s Team of experienced project managers then can take care of the whole process for you. As well as project managing developments we can also project manage any demolition and clearing on your site to ensure that the whole process is seamless.

We take great pride in ensuring your development is completed on time and within budget. As avid property investors we understand the importance of time and money!

The Multiply Feasibility Report provides you with detailed information on your property development potential. We speak to the relevant authorities and find out exactly what your options are – approximately how much it will cost and how long it will take.

The report empowers you with all the necessary information regarding your development project and puts you in complete control before making the big decision.

Some of the information the Multiply Feasibility Report includes:

  • Zoning of the Property
  • Town Planning Scheme
  • Any Specific Local authority Requirements
  • Any Specific Requirements of Planning Commission
  • Access to existing Sewer, Power and Gas plans
  • Western Power Requirements
  • Water Corporation Requirements
  • An Ariel overview of the development with dimensions
  • All relevant Government Fees and Charges
  • Stage by Stage Cost Estimate of the Development
  • Estimated time frames of every stage in Development lifecycle

The Feasibility Study is $295 +GST.

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