Our Team

Meet our wonderful team members

  • Sherece Johnson

    Sherece Johnson

    Sherece comes to the Multiply Team with an array of various skills. Her attention to detail and tenacity ensures our clients receive a great service. She is passionate about property, investing, educating and assisting others achieve their goals. Having a broad array of skills and expertise in administration, marketing, client liaison she assists and supports in all areas of the business, Buyers Agency, Sales and Project Management

  • Abel Jardim

    Abel Jardim

    Property Development

    With fifteen years of experience, Abel’s passion for pushing the boundaries of property development has proved to achieve outstanding results for his clients time and time again. Whether it’s a subdivision, a construction, a development, or a combination of the three, Abel’s processes have been designed to give you maximum yield with minimum fuss.

  • Natalie Jardim

    Natalie Jardim


    Nat Is an experienced property investor, developer and educator. She understands the power of property to not only create cash- flow but also wealth via property. Her keen eye to detail has enabled her to find outstanding deals for herself personally, but also for her clients.
    She is passionate about helping others on their property journey so they too can create the life they design.

  • Debbie Mosca

    Debbie Mosca

    Administrative Services Manager

    Debbie has been part of the Multiply team for over 3 years. She has extensive experience within administration and accounts payable & receivable.

    Debbie looks after all your subdivision administration paperwork and is also the person to contact for all accounts and invoicing queries.

  • Yannick Hardy

    Yannick Hardy

    Project Management

    Yannick is our Project Management specialist, with over 13 years of experience in the subdivision and surveying fields. His previous work experience includes Property People Surveying (PPS) for 9.5 years, starting out as a survey assistant then working up to a full time surveyor. Eventually he moved into development including processing designs and applications.
    After PPS was bought out by The Land Division (TLD) he stayed on as Survey Manager for 2.5 years, taking care of everything from quoting, lodging applications and helping clients complete their conditions, organising surveying and getting their jobs to final approval stage (in order for dealings).

  • Tyson Segaram

    Tyson Segaram

    Licensed Surveyor

    Tyson is a fully licensed surveyor working on site and in the office, providing hands on consultation and in house surveying services for our clients. Tyson started surveying in 2008 before starting a bachelor of Surveying at Curtin University in 2009. He officially became a Licensed Surveyor in September 2014 and continued to work in the industry gaining further experience in many areas of the surveying profession until moving to Multiply in November 2015.