The Lakes Revitalisation Strategy

The City of Cockburn have released plans for zoning changes in the eastern areas of Bibra Lake, parts of North Lake and all of South Lake for public comment. The proposed changes are quite extensive and involve fairly dramatic density changes, so it could mean some major changes to the structure and pricing of these …

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Common Development Pitfalls

Time and time again I am approached by people telling me they would love to be a property developer. Being a full time property investor and developer myself, I often feel this statement is heavily romanticised. Most people just focus on the returns and not the process, glossing over the risks and time involved to …

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Property Development

There are many ways in which properties can be developed, and the precise method depends on your circumstances and plans for building your property portfolio. Subdivision We project manage the subdivision for you from start to finish, in a professional and seamless manner. This begins with an overview, feasibility, planning, construction and creating the new…

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What a difference a month can make!

Wow! What a difference a month can make in the property industry! As some of you may be aware our Eastern States property investors have been achieving great results in the way of capital gains over the last 12 months. In particular the outperforming states have been Sydney and Melbourne. Due to this growth, which …

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Market Update

Nat talks about the how the national market is affecting Perth investors and gives some tips on how to continue moving your portfolio forward in spite of such a flat market in Perth. Summary: There has been a lot of hype in the last few months in relation to housing affordability and potentially a property …

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How do you choose a surveyor?

One of the most important choices you can make when developing a property is choosing the right Surveyor. Get it right and it’s smooth sailing. Get it wrong and even the smallest mistakes can cost you thousands. Is it really that important? I can tell you after dealing with developments everyday for over 13 years …

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With change comes opportunity

The tide has definitely turned and with different waters comes new opportunity. It is currently a buyers’ market with the number of properties on the market at 13,676 the same time last year we had 10,784 properties. Selling days have increased from 56 days in 2014 to 68 days in 2015. Some people become fearful…

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Not Enough Land to Subdivide?

Not enough land to subdivide? You may have to get creative! Natalie Jardim takes you through how she managed to fit three lots on a property that only had enough land for two. This was by clever use of the R-Code and Planning exceptions. First she staged the subdivision; meaning they completed one subdivision, and …

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New Wanneroo Zoning Explained

Following extensive detailed planning and community engagement, the City of Wanneroo prepared a Scheme Amendment (Amendment No. 119) to increase the residential density of housing precincts in the suburbs of Wanneroo and Girrawheen-Koondoola. The Amendment proposes to recode these areas from R20 to R20/R40 and R20/R60 and introduces provisions to the City’s District Planning Scheme …

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Can I Subdivide in Perth?

How do you figure out if you can subdivide a property in Perth? Natalie Jardim, Licensee of Subpro Buyer’s Agency, takes you through how to decipher the R-Codes table (part of the the Western Australian Planning Commission’s development rulebook) to figure out if your block or potential investment is sub-divisible. She also goes through the …

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