How to find out quickly if a subdivision is possible on my site?

Do you have a block and not sure of what is possible? Many people find themselves in this situation unaware of what to do. They have been sitting on their block for many years that no longer serves them and actually in some cases could be a hindrance due to all the maintenance they need to do to maintain this extra bit of land.

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The way I look at diversification is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you try to invest in different investment vehicles, for example- property, currencies, shares and or a business. Although a few people do, I find this way of investing risky as in order to be knowledgeable and successful generally you must spend lots of time and resources learning as much as you can.

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Buying house and land packages as part of your investment strategy and what you should be aware of:

Normal marketing companies that tell you to buy a house and land package and keep it for 8 years as this is when the property will double in value are basically selling you a lie! The reason they promote a package is generally because they are being rewarded handsomely via the developer and the builder for finding a purchaser.

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5 Ways to minimise Risk in Property Investing.

Let’s not be under any illusion all forms of investing whether it’s shares, business or property have an element of risk. If not everyone would be doing it! So it’s important that whatever vehicle you use you look at ways in which you can reduce or mitigate these as best possible. Below are 5 things that we encourage our clients to consider prior to purchasing their next investment property….

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The Lakes Revitalisation Strategy

The City of Cockburn have released plans for zoning changes in the eastern areas of Bibra Lake, parts of North Lake and all of South Lake for public comment. The proposed changes are quite extensive and involve fairly dramatic density changes, so it could mean some major changes to the structure and pricing of these …

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Common Development Pitfalls

Time and time again I am approached by people telling me they would love to be a property developer. Being a full time property investor and developer myself, I often feel this statement is heavily romanticised. Most people just focus on the returns and not the process, glossing over the risks and time involved to …

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Property Development

There are many ways in which properties can be developed, and the precise method depends on your circumstances and plans for building your property portfolio. Subdivision We project manage the subdivision for you from start to finish, in a professional and seamless manner. This begins with an overview, feasibility, planning, construction and creating the new…

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What a difference a month can make!

Wow! What a difference a month can make in the property industry! As some of you may be aware our Eastern States property investors have been achieving great results in the way of capital gains over the last 12 months. In particular the outperforming states have been Sydney and Melbourne. Due to this growth, which …

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Market Update

Nat talks about the how the national market is affecting Perth investors and gives some tips on how to continue moving your portfolio forward in spite of such a flat market in Perth. Summary: There has been a lot of hype in the last few months in relation to housing affordability and potentially a property …

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How do you choose a surveyor?

One of the most important choices you can make when developing a property is choosing the right Surveyor. Get it right and it’s smooth sailing. Get it wrong and even the smallest mistakes can cost you thousands. Is it really that important? I can tell you after dealing with developments everyday for over 13 years …

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