…..this is the PERFECT time to buy property in Perth with Billions of dollars being pumped into Projects in our North this is sure to have a positive ripple effect on our economy and thus our property market….

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One Door Closes and Another Opens

As with any end of a year and a new beginning I enjoy taking this time to reflect on things that I am grateful for, things that have worked in Business and Family Life and look at doing more of these things in the future

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The difference a few weeks has made!

Confidence and sentiment can and do have a major impact on our property market. With all of the changes I believe we will start to see some positive market activity…..

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Why Subdivisions are helping our clients create the retirement they have dreamed of

Typically the home owner will retain their home, as they are not wanting to move. Most of them have lived in this home for many years and as such have lots of memories and are familiar with the suburb and all the amenities that are close by. It also means that the property that they live as now on a reduced lot means less maintenance and area, an important factor for them as the stage in their life.

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What Is A Buyer’s Market?

Warren Buffet is arguably one of the worlds best investors and he has a saying about the stick market and investing in general. “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” For those that have been watching the Perth Property market, you would be well aware that the overall trend of … Continue reading “What Is A Buyer’s Market?”

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Clients criteria was to purchase a subdivisible property under $400,000 including purchase price, stamp duty, Buyers agency fee and settlement costs. This is actually difficult as generally speaking we tend to focus on properties closer to the median house price as although a property can be found that can be developed in cheaper areas, they also come with some risks in relation to resales.

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The difference between a Survey Strata Subdivision and a Built Strata Subdivision

Some of you I am sure have had discussions with investors and or developers who have said they have completed a subdivision within 6 months and I am sure you have also had the same discussion with others who have suggested the time frame to be more likely 18 months. So why the differences in … Continue reading “The difference between a Survey Strata Subdivision and a Built Strata Subdivision”

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Bushfire Attack Levels

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) State Planning Policy 3.7: Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas (SPP3.7) directs how land use should address bushfire risk management in Western Australia.

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How to find out quickly if a subdivision is possible on my site?

Do you have a block and not sure of what is possible? Many people find themselves in this situation unaware of what to do. They have been sitting on their block for many years that no longer serves them and actually in some cases could be a hindrance due to all the maintenance they need to do to maintain this extra bit of land.

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The way I look at diversification is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you try to invest in different investment vehicles, for example- property, currencies, shares and or a business. Although a few people do, I find this way of investing risky as in order to be knowledgeable and successful generally you must spend lots of time and resources learning as much as you can.

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