Buyers Agency FAQ

Why pay for a Buyer’s Agent when I can buy my own property?

A great Buyer’s Agent will not only save you the considerable time, effort and stress involved with sourcing the right property, but can also save you a substantial amount of money. A Buyer’s Agent removes emotion from the purchase and considers each property purely on its ability to meet your needs and generate the returns you expect. Your Buyer’s Agent has in-depth knowledge of the property market so can accurately value properties you are considering purchasing, protecting you from costly purchase mistakes made impulsively or emotionally.  

In addition, your Buyer’s Agent will apply their skills and years of experience to negotiating with developers or selling agents to achieve the very best price possible. By tapping into their extensive networks, a Buyer’s Agent can also provide early access to new opportunities and off-market properties, potentially saving you thousands of dollars competing with other buyers on hotly contested properties.

Essentially, a Buyer’s Agent lives and breathes property and, unlike a Real Estate Agent, strives deliver the very best returns possible from your property investment.


Why should I use Multiply Property Group?

Buying a property is a big deal, it is likely to be the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life and making the wrong decision can be costly. Furthermore, your property has the potential to significantly contribute to your wealth creation if you know what to look for and how to add value to your property purchase. Multiply Property Group specialises in assessing and quantifying your financial aspirations and tailoring property investment strategies to help you realise your goals. In addition to our Buyer’s Agents, we have a team of property development experts who can work with you on everything from renovating to subdividing and building to really optimise your investment and maximise it’s potential.

No one would attempt to sell a property without the help of a professional and yet, when it comes to purchasing a property, many people still attempt to go it alone. Having a Multiply Property Group Buyer’s Agent at your side will ensure you not only receive access to the latest market intelligence and innovative methods for achieving capital growth, but you’ll have a proven negotiator in your corner who can potentially save you thousands of dollars off over-inflated asking prices. This often more than negates the fees involved with employing a Buyer’s Agent and furthermore, when you choose to sell your property, our fee can be claimed as tax deductible expense.


Why can’t I just get the help I need from a Real Estate Agent?

When searching for a new home or investment property, many people turn to Real Estate Agents for help and advice. Whilst a Real Estate Agent can certainly show you a variety of properties, it’s worth remembering they are employed by vendors to achieve the highest possible prices for the properties they are selling. The more their properties sell for, the higher commissions they make, so it’s in a Real Estate Agent’s best interests to encourage you to pay more. In addition, a Real Estate Agent is only interested in selling their own properties, not those listed with other agents. This means, regardless of your aspirations as a buyer, a Real Estate Agent can only give you access to properties on which they can make money.

Conversely, a good Buyer’s Agent will have a developed a deep understanding of your property goals and the returns you are expecting to achieve. They will scour the entire property market, including off-market opportunities, to ensure you are presented with only those properties most capable of meeting your needs. Furthermore, in direct contrast with a Real Estate Agent, they’ll work hard to make sure you don’t over capitalise and secure your property at the lowest price possible, with contractual terms that benefit you.


What’s different about Multiply Property Group’s Buyer’s Agency?

The main difference between Multiply Property Group and other Buyer’s Agencies is that we don’t simply source properties. We are holistic property strategists who are committed to assisting our clients generate capital growth and, subsequently, wealth creation through their property investments.

Whether your purchase relates to a primary residence, an investment property to generate cash flow or a development site, we specialise in carefully assessing your financial goals and helping you realise them through investment in property. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to property investment but instead take the time to understand where you’re heading and work hard to help you get there. As a team, we have considerable experience across all manner of property investment strategies including buy/renovate/sell, buy/hold/rent, buy land/subdivide/sell and buy land/develop. We also work with a diverse range of clients including everyone from first-time buyers through to experienced investors. We can therefore tailor our services, depending on your level of experience, to ensure you get all the help you need throughout every step of your property investment journey.


Does Multiply Property Group guarantee results?

As with any investment, there is always as element of risk associated with property purchase due to changing economic conditions and market fluctuations. These elements cannot be controlled and, therefore, results can never be fully guaranteed. At Multiply Property Group, what we do guarantee, however, is to minimise your exposure to risk in the property market by ensuring you have access to the most well researched property data, the highest quality properties, the most stringently negotiated prices and the most appropriate value-add strategies. By taking this approach, we aim to proactively grow the value of your property, independently of market forces.

In working with our clients, we also guarantee to work with honesty, diligence and tenacity to ensure that your purchasing experience is as seamless, stress-free and ultimately as profitable as possible. We maintain complete transparency throughout the entire process, ensuring you are provided with all the relevant information you need to make intelligent and informed purchase decisions. The success of our business is largely built on referrals so it’s in our best interests to ensure our clients enjoy working with us and that we deliver the results they expect.


How experienced is Multiply Property Group?

Whilst Multiply Property Group was established in 2006, our multi-award winning founders, Nat and Abel, have been personally investing in property since the age of 21. This amounts to 35 years of collective experience and wisdom relating not only to the Perth property market, but also to an array of strategies that can be implemented to drive capital growth. Both our founders have extensive experience as property coaches, successfully teaching hundreds of clients how to apply different property investing strategies to create wealth and/or cash flow via property. We offer ongoing support, education and market intelligence to our clients as well as periodic portfolio reviews to ensure their investments continue to deliver optimal results.



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