Why Choose Multiply

Once you’ve made the decision to employ the services of a Buyers Agent to assist you with your property purchase, it’s imperative you choose the right Property Buyers Agent for your needs. Here are just some of the many reasons more and more Perth buyers are choosing Multiply Property Group to help them secure the perfect property at the best price:


A Proud and Proven History

Since 2006, our founders have collectively assisted clients with property purchases exceeding $100 million. Our agents have considerable experience relating to the Perth property market as well as expertise across complex development projects, innovative value-add strategies and sales negotiations. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, from experienced investors, through to everyday families who were unsure of whether property investment was even a viable option for them. We provide assistance across the entire property purchase process including market analysis, goal setting and financial modelling, property sourcing, finance structuring, price negotiations, contracts, strategies to maximise investment returns and ongoing, periodic assessment of investments.


Value-Add Investment Strategies

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or an investment property, the purchase represents a considerable financial outlay, from which you should expect great returns. At Multiply Property Group, having carried out hundreds of investment projects, both personally and on behalf of our clients, we have a deep understanding of property investing in Perth. We have a strong emphasis on value-add strategies. We don’t believe successful investing is about buying and waiting for the market to move, we call this ‘speculating’. Instead, we empower our clients to take control over their properties and create wealth through proven strategies such as renovating, subdividing and building. This way, growth and profit is manufactured rather than reliant purely on market forces. Ultimately, we look for investments that can deliver a positive return; for us it’s all about the numbers.


Help to Secure Your Perfect Prime Residence

Whether you’re relocating from interstate or overseas, hoping to secure a place for your children in a specific local school or just want to purchase the perfect home for you, Multiply Property Group can help. We work with a diverse range of clients to assist them in purchasing their prime residence by understanding their needs, shortlisting properties within their desired locations and budgets and negotiating the best possible purchase prices.

We understand that purchasing a new home is an emotional experience. Selling agents also understand this and capitalise on a buyer’s emotional commitment to a home when attempting to negotiate higher prices. A Multiply Property Group Buyer’s Agent takes emotion out of the process, attending inspections and negotiating with selling agents on your behalf as well as ensuring the terms of sales contracts are in your best interests. Essentially, our Property Buyers Agent take the time to understand what’s most important to you and work hard to secure your perfect new home at the lowest possible price.


Tailored Solutions

We’re not about ‘one size fits all’ strategies. We understand that every buyer’s situation is unique in terms of how much they can invest and the types of returns they’re seeking. For this reason, we take the time to really get to know our clients, assessing their required liquidity levels, understanding their goals, considering the timeframes in which they expect to realise their objectives and factoring in how much time they wish to dedicate to managing their investment. We use this information to tailor proven property investment strategies capable of delivering the outcomes our clients expect.


Integrated Project Management Teams

At Multiply Property Group, we’re not simply about finding great property deals. We offer our clients access to a complete team of property development professionals who provide the best advice and can assist clients every step of the way on their property development journeys. Our experienced in-house surveying and subdivision specialists employ innovative approaches to optimise profitability and deliver creative results that many clients would not have even considered or thought possible.


Save Time and Money

Hunting for the perfect property can easily become a full-time job! At, Multiply Property Group, we take the stress out the process by drawing on over 10 years’ experience in the Perth property market to recommend the suburbs, property styles and types of investments most likely to deliver the returns our clients expect. We rely on our proven negotiation skills to ensure we secure properties for our clients at the best prices possible. Our extensive network of developers and Real Estate Agents also means we’re able to offer our clients access to amazing investment opportunities and off-market properties before they become publicly available.


We Love What We Do

At Multiply, property is not just our profession, it’s our passion! Our team members are all property investors themselves and spend their days actively scouring Perth’s real estate market for the best streets, neighbourhoods, properties, developments and investment opportunities. In engaging Multiply, our clients benefit not only from our extensive market knowledge and strong negotiation skills, but also from our enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment to delivering the best and most profitable outcomes for everyone we work with.



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