Contour Survey

A contour survey, also known as a detail survey, forms a prerequisite for building and land development. Your contour surveys will indicate the limitations of the land. Also, the survey will determine whether your architect, designer, or builder will need to make any changes to your building design.

When you engage Multiply Property Group, your contour survey will be carried out by our experienced and licensed surveyor. Our survey plans will show the contours of the land in question and are detailed and accurate.

Do You Need a Contour Survey For Your Project?

If you are considering a land subdivision or building/construction project then a contour survey is essential. As mentioned above, a contour survey is needed before you can start the building design process. This is because it will show and allow your architect, draftsman, engineer or builder what they will be working with. Likewise, it will show what will be required in terms of groundworks to level your site.
Local authorities will also insist on receiving contour surveys before they will put their seal of approval on your plans.

Get Help With Your Survey Now

The team at Multiply Property Group understands the complexities of contour surveying and offer plans and detail surveying services in Perth and throughout WA.
Contact our contour surveying experts to find out more about our services and to discuss how we can help you with your project.