Survey Strata

What is Survey Strata?

Survey strata create individual land parcels on one title and are defined by survey marks placed by a licensed land surveyor. The plan does not show any buildings.

The strata plan is the subdivision of the building and the surrounding property into private units and common property. Survey Strata subdivisions require approval from the WAPC and local and state government authorities such as Western Power and the Water Corporation

Survey strata is often used in developments that will be retaining an existing house because it will be easier and more straightforward to change or even completely demolish the home in the future through a Survey Strata scheme.

Survey Strata The Easy Way

Due to recent changes in the Strata Titles Act, the process of navigating your way through land development red tape is a lot more complex. This is where Multiply Property Group can help you.

When considering a land subdivision project, it is highly recommended that you contact a licensed land surveyor to help with the preparation of a plan of subdivision. Our in-house surveyor is well versed and experienced in preparing everything that is required.

Our experts here at Multiply Property Group are also able to manage all the elements necessary for developments across Perth and Western Australia.

Our experienced team are able to manage your entire project right through from the planning phase through to development.

Get Help With Your Survey Strata

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