Subdivision Costs Guidelines

The costs involved with subdividing vary depending on many factors, such as how many new titles you are aiming to establish, the size and contour of the land, the level of demolition and site clearing required and the individual R-codes relevant to your property.

The following provides an estimate of approximately what sort of costs are involved with applying for and achieving various type of subdivisions.

Subdivision Type Price Guide
Two lot subdivision based on either side by side, battle-axe, Green Tittle or Survey Strata subdivision. $32,000 to $38,000.
Three lot subdivision $47,000 to $53,000
Four lot subdivision $57,000 to $66,000
Complete house demo and site clearing of an entire single lot $15,000 to $25,000


Other Considerations

Whilst the figures quoted above can certainly be used as a guide, specific factors likely to affect the cost of subdividing include:

  • Whether the area relies on over head or underground power and whether this is situated on the same side or the other side of the road to your site.
  • Whether there is an existing house on the site and whether this is to be retained or removed.
  • Whether the site is located in a designated Bush Fire Zone (BAL).
  • The individual Shire Developer Contribution Fees, Public Open Space Fees and Public Art Fees relating to your site.
  • The location and depths of existing sewer lines on the site.
  • The slope of the site and the extent to which construction of retaining walls is required.
  • What sort of material lies under the ground such as cap stone, clay, peat etc.
  • The extent to which remedial works are required as a result of Geotechnical and Drainage reports.
  • The number of existing trees on the site, which are to be retained and which require removal.


Evaluating Costs

Despite the fact that the costs involved with subdividing a site can be significant, it is worth keeping in mind that the intended outcome of subdivision is usually to add considerable value to the property. So even though an initial outlay is required, the increased equity generated by the process generally far out weighs the investment required. In some cases, the project costs can also be further offset by renting out the existing property to generate income throughout the subdivision process. If you’re considering subdividing, it’s imperative to have access to accurate and reliable data so a thorough evaluation can be made of all the expected costs involved as well as the likely profit to be generated.

Relying on our extensive market knowledge and subdivision experience, Multiply Property Group’s Buyer’s Agency and Subdivision experts can provide a comprehensive cost analysis which clearly sets out all the likely costs involved with subdividing together with the projected profits likely to realised upon completion.