Subdivision Feasibility Report

Subdivision can be a great strategy for raising capital or paying down a mortgage on your primary residence. It can also be a very profitable approach for on-selling land. If you’re considering the possibility of subdividing but are not sure what sort of costs, timeframes or likely returns are involved, Multiply Property Group can prepare a feasibility report that explains everything you need to know. Having successfully managed hundreds of subdivision projects for a diverse range of clients, we tailor our approach to ensure our recommendations factor in the circumstances, budget and goals of each individual client.


Our comprehensive subdivision feasibility report includes the following:

  • The zoning affecting your property and, as a result, the minimum and average site area per dwelling that needs to be maintained.
  • The Town Planning Scheme relevant to your address and any applicable restrictions that may affect your subdivision plans.
  • Any specific requirements pertaining to your property by both your local council and the Western Australian Planning Commission.
  • Details of existing sewer, power and gas plans and how these relate to your property.
  • Western Power and Water Corporation requirements.
  • An aerial overview of the proposed development including dimensions.
  • All relevant government fees and charges.
  • A complete, stage by stage cost estimate for the entire development.
  • Estimated time frames for each stage of subdivision process.

Multiply Property Group’s detailed subdivision feasibility report costs just $295 +GST and will enable you to make a fully informed decision on what’s involved if you proceed. Contact us to discuss further.