The Subdivision Process

At Multiply Property Group, we work with a diverse range of clients including home owners with no subdivision or property development experience through to investors looking to optimise the returns delivered by their property purchases. We take the time to thoroughly explain what’s involved at the outset, maintaining complete transparency of the costs, timeframes and likely returns that can be expected across every project. Whether you are looking to free-up cash from your primary residence, subdivide and sell off vacant land or subdivide a lot to develop, our experienced Surveyors and property developers will look after your best interests from beginning to end. Whilst we tailor our recommendations to the needs of each individual client, generally our subdivision process includes the following steps:


1) Planning Stage

  • We’ll sit down with you to discuss your individual circumstances including your budget, timeframe and goals for your property.
  • We’ll determine your property’s size as well as identifying relevant zoning and R-Code regulations applicable to you.
  • We’ll recommend a subdivision strategy designed to make optimal use of your land and maximise returns including full, itemised costings for all works involved in the project.
  • Our licensed Surveyors will carry out Feature and Contour Surveys to map the buildings, services and features, such as trees and fences, that exist on the lot.
  • We’ll then assess the survey results, finalise the subdivision design and prepare all the paperwork for submission to local councils and the WAPC, according to their submission requirements.
  • We’ll also liaise with Water Corp, Western Power and relevant statutory authorities, collating all the required paperwork to gain conditional approvals.


2) Project Management

  • Upon receipt of conditional approvals, Multiply Property Group will organise and manage installation of key services, liaising directly with Water Corp and Western Power on your behalf.
  • We’ll also take care of all necessary site preparations including demolition of any existing buildings, site clearing and construction of car bays.
  • Once all necessary works have been completed on site, we’ll arrange for the lot to be pegged out with the new subdivision boundaries followed by installation of new fences, as required.


3) Clearances

  • Once your site is ready for final approval, we’ll manage and submit all the necessary paperwork to request clearances from Water Corp, Western Power and the Shire.
  • Once received, we’ll then submit a request for clearance from the WAPC.
  • Following WAPC clearance, the project will be submitted to Landgate for final sign-off and a Settlement Agent will be brought in to issue the newly created separate titles.