Green Title

What is a Green Title Subdivision?

A Green Title Lot, also known as a Freehold Lot, refers to a title that has no common areas or shared services. That is, the landholder owns the lot in its entirety and does not share utility services, such as sewerage, power, water and gas lines, with any other land owners. The majority of land sold in WA is Green Title and most free-standing homes are on Green Title lots. The reason these types of lots are now commonly referred to as Green Title is that historically, sketches on the title documents themselves were characterised by green shading.


When to Apply for a Green Title Subdivision

Green Title Lots are generally preferred over other types of subdivisions because they provide a property owner with complete independence from neighbours, generally their own street frontage and an exclusive access point to their property.

If you’re planning on subdividing a large parcel of vacant land with a view to selling off smaller, newly established titles, creating Green Title Lots will make the subdivisions most attractive to potential purchasers. If you’re hoping to subdivide your existing property to sell-off part of your land, depending on your land’s characteristics, a Green Title Subdivision may not be possible. This will largely depend on where your house sits on the block and whether or not separate services and access points can be established.

Creating Green Title Lots can also be more costly than other types of subdivisions. Because Green Title Lots are not allowed to share services or common areas with any other titles, in order to have your application approved, you’ll most likely need to factor in works such as extension of sewer lines and building additional cross-overs.


Avoid Costly Mistakes by Engaging an Expert

Multiply Property Group have assisted hundreds of Perth clients to extract maximum returns from their properties through subdivision. Whether relating to your primary place of residence or an investment property, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure you’re completely informed about all the costs involved.  We can prepare an accurate, upfront costing and timeline so you’ll know exactly what to expect every step of the way. We also handle completion of the all the necessary paperwork to ensure your subdivision application runs as seamlessly as possible and has the best chance of approval by the relevant statutory bodies. In addition, we have existing contacts within WA’s key utility service providers, as well as with other required contractors, which means we can efficiently and cost-effectively manage any works required on your property to secure your approval.

Even if you’re not sure where to start, contact one of our experienced subdivision experts to learn more about your property’s potential to deliver financial returns through subdivision.