Survey Strata

What is a Survey Strata Subdivision?

Survey Strata Subdivisions are commonly sought by clients who either own a corner block or a piece of land with an existing dwelling at one end, and sufficient space for another dwelling at the other end. They may also suit clients who own vacant land and wish to build two or three town houses which will sit adjacent to each other on the block. Survey Strata Subdivisions differ from Green Title Subdivisions in that each of the new titles share access to one or more key utility services such as sewer lines.


How is a Survey Strata Subdivision Created?

A Survey Strata Subdivision is created by engaging a licensed Surveyor who designs smaller lots within the existing title, each of which has its own, newly created boundaries which are physically ‘pegged out’ on the land then documented. In other words, the proposed new boundaries are defined by the Surveyor and indicated on a set of plans. The newly proposed titles are then submitted to the relevant planning authories and, once approved, new titles known as Survey Strata are issued under the Strata Titles Act.

Survey Strata Subdivisions can be created side by side, in which case they visually appear the same as Green Title Subdivisions, or in a ‘battle axe’ configuration. In addition to sharing services, battle axe Survey Strata Subdivisions also share common areas such as driveways. Side by side Survey Strata Subdivisions have their own independent access points and street frontages whereas battle axe Survey Strata Subdivisions do not. In both cases, each title holder is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and insurance of any shared services or common areas.

When to Apply for a Survey Strata Subdivision

Whether to create a Green Title Subdivision or a Survey Strata Subdivision can depend on a number of factors. These may include overall accessibility of the block, and the newly proposed strata titles, as well as possible obstacles to development presented by sewer locations or other easements. Another key factor in which type of subdivision is suitable will be a client’s development budget. The increased costs associated with creating the independent services required by Green Title Subdivisions may, in some cases, make this a less desirable option.


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