Boundary and Re-Establishment

What is a Re-establishment Survey?

A Re-establishment Survey, also known as a Re-peg Survey, is conducted to clearly define or redefine the boundaries of a property and establish who has ownership of, and the right to use, the land.


Why is it important?

If you’re planning a renovation, pool, new fence or any major works to your property that are close to boundaries or easements, failure to obtain a re-establishment survey can result in inadvertent ingress into easements or land not owned by you. This can be extremely costly and, if subsequently challenged and proven by your neighbours, can result in the need to demolish new constructions and rebuild.

A Re-establishment Survey is a valuable tool for clearly informing property owners of exactly where the boundaries of their land lie. It’s also important when considering buying a property, if there is any doubt concerning the accuracy of the advertised land size, to ensure you get what you’re paying for.


When is it Necessary?

Boundary and re-establishment surveys need to be carried out by licensed Surveyors and are physically pegged-out on the property itself as well as being indicated on the title certificate. They offer considerable peace of mind prior to investing what can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovation costs and create complete transparency around not only property boundaries, but also easements.

Situations in which it is advisable to conduct a re-establishment survey include:

  • When planning to build or renovate close to property boundaries;
  • When installing a pool, garage, carport, shed or other construction close to property boundaries;
  • When replacing or refurbishing boundary fences or walls, including retaining walls;
  • When buying or selling a property, particularly in the case of older homes where physical boundaries may have changed over many decades;
  • When there is concern over whether a neighbour is intruding into your property with any form of construction.

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