What is a Contour Survey?

If you are planning a new build or property development project, a Contour Survey, together with a Feature Survey, is imperative before building design commences. Essentially, a Contour Survey is used to assess the varying elevations across of parcel of land. The end result is a detailed diagram which clearly indicates the contours and levels of the land which can be referenced by Architects, Landscapers, Building Designers or Drafts People.


Why is it Important?

The elevation and contours of a parcel of land will have a significant impact not only on the design of its buildings but also on the cost to prepare the land for construction. For example, if you’re hoping to construct a dwelling on a concrete slab but your land slopes gently, some excavation will need to be carried out prior to pouring the slab. Likewise, if your land is characterised by extreme height differences, in order to save on extensive earthworks costs, your designer may choose to capitalise on the elevation and incorporate it as part of the design.


What’s Included?

A Contour Survey is carried out by a licensed Surveyor and usually includes both aerial and side-on indications of the land’s slopes. The aerial view illustration looks a bit like a pressure system on a weather map, with all points on a contour line representing the same height. Lines that are closely spaced together indicate a steep slope whereas widely spaced lines indicate a gentle slope. Lines that meet up in circular type formation generally indicate hills or depressions.


When is it Necessary?

Not only is a Contour Survey necessary to enable your Architect or Draftsperson to create the right building design for your land, it is an important component to be able to accurately cost any required earthworks. In addition, a Contour Survey is a mandatory addition to any permit applications you make to your local shire or the WAPC. So essentially, if you’re planning a major renovation, new construction or any type of subdivision project, a Contour Survey should be conducted at the outset, prior to creation of any building design plans.


Why Use Multiply Property Group?

Our licensed Surveyors not only have extensive experience carrying out all manner of property surveys, but they are committed to remaining up to date on all local and state planning requirements that may affect your project. We are professional, punctual and always maintain the highest respect for both our clients and their properties.

We provide surveying as a stand-alone service but also offer expert advice around your renovation, development or subdivision project. We’re able to provide complete management of subdivision projects including surveying, permit applications, site preparation, liaison with contractors and statutory bodies and connection of services. We also have a trusted network of builders and other contractors who can assist you with any construction requirements.

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