What is a Feature Survey?

A Feature Survey assesses and documents all the details of a piece of land that could possibly impact renovating, demolition, earthworks, new builds or subdivisions. Essentially, it provides local councils and other planning authorities with the information they need to evaluate any proposed development plans for the site. The types of items detailed in a Feature Survey include:

  • Existing structures such as houses, garages and sheds;
  • Trees;
  • Driveways and footpaths;
  • Boundary fences;
  • Retaining walls;
  • Swimming pools and ponds;
  • Adjoining properties and streetscapes;
  • Utility service lines such as sewer, gas, power and water;
  • Drainage.


Why is it Important?

Together with a Contour Survey, a Feature Survey provides information vital for Architects, Drafts People and Landscape Designers to be able create appropriate designs for your lot. A Feature Survey highlights all elements that require consideration at the design stage and enables accurate costing of any demolition works required. A Feature Survey ensures relevant parties are aware of all the variables that could possibly impact development of the site and helps eliminate costly mistakes from the outset of the project.


When is it Necessary?

Like a Contour Survey, a Feature Survey is necessary if you’re planning any type of major renovation, new construction, subdivision or redevelopment project. It also forms a necessary part of permit applications to local and state planning authorities. Comprehensive Feature and Contour Surveys conducted at the outset of your project will help ensure your development is appropriately planned and accurately costed.


Why Use Multiply Property Group?

At Multiply Property Group, our team consists not only of licensed Surveyors, but also of experienced Project Managers who can assist you with everything required to properly prepare for your project. This includes liaison with statutory planning authorities, accurate and timely preparation of all the paper work necessary for your permit applications, co-ordination with utility providers to arrange service connections and oversight of required contractors such as excavators, tree loppers, plumbers and electricians. Having managed property development projects for hundreds of Perth clients, we offer the right advice to help ensure your project runs as seamlessly and profitably as possible. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your project.



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