Surveying FAQ

Why do I need a survey?

There are many situations in which you may require a property survey. These include when you’re planning any major renovation or new build, when you plan to install any type of structure close to a property’s boundaries, when you require permits from local or state planning authorities and when you wish to subdivide your property or a parcel of vacant land. A survey is the first step in any major property development project and provides the information necessary for Architects and Drafts People to create your designs as well as the intelligence required by statutory bodies to assess your permit application.


What do I get from a survey?

The specific survey you need will determine what type of information you receive. A Strata Development Survey defines the existing and newly proposed boundaries of a title to be subdivided, a Boundary Re-establishment Survey reconfirms correct lot dimensions, a Contour Survey highlights the land’s levels and a Feature Survey describes all of the land’s details such as structures, trees, services and neighbouring properties. Learn more about the different types of surveys here.


Do I have to be there when a survey is being conducted?

No, you don’t need to be on site for a survey to be conducted. If the property to be surveyed is currently rented, however, you will need to provide the property manager’s details so a suitable time to access the property can be arranged with the tenant.


What is the difference between a licensed Surveyor and a normal Surveyor?

Only licensed Surveyors are legally able to sign survey documents. If you rely on an unlicensed Surveyor, you will still need to involve a licensed Surveyor later in the process who can review the documentation and sign-off prior to it being forming part of any permit application. Using a licensed Surveyor not only reduces the possibility of costly delays, it helps ensure you receive all the accurate and compliant information necessary to progress your project.


Does Multiply Property Group use in-house Surveyors?

Yes, we don’t subcontract our surveying services which means, in working with us, you can trust in the fact you’ll enjoy prompt, professional and friendly service as well as a single point of contact throughout your project’s duration.


Does a survey happen as part of the subdivision process?

Yes, a survey is required during stage one of the subdivision process and is required in order to create the design for the newly proposed subdivision. The proposed subdivision design is then provided to the client for approval. A second survey is also conducted at the end of stage two to complete the final pegging and enable the deposited plan/survey strata plan to be drafted and executed ready for final lodgement.



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