Why Choose Multiply

A comprehensive survey is a vital first step in any successful and profitable property development project. As an important document that is relied upon by designers, builders and planning authorities, it is imperative your survey is done right. Following are just some of the reasons more and more Perth clients are relying on Multiply Property Group for all their surveying needs:


We Are Subdivision Experts

Many clients we work with are seeking surveying services with a view to subdividing their primary property, an investment property or vacant parcel of land. Multiply Property Group specialises in all types of subdivision projects so can ensure your survey is accurate and includes all the relevant information planning authorities look for when assessing your subdivision permit application.

In addition, our team includes dedicated Subdivision Project Managers who can take care of all the necessary paperwork, permit applications, contractor liaison and site preparation required to complete your subdivision. Subdivisions involve often complex regulations stipulated by both local and state planning authorities as well as utility service providers. Attempting to navigate all the requirements can not only be challenging but can result in lengthy delays and costly mistakes. Working with Multiply Property Group ensures you’ll have an expert in your corner who is dedicated to ensuring your subdivision project runs as seamlessly and profitably as possibly.


Up to Date on All Relevant Legislation

With over a decade working across a diverse range of surveying projects, we understand the importance of remaining up to date with the latest local and state regulations that impact our clients’ projects. We ensure the compliance requirements of all relevant bodies are addressed in our surveys, mitigating the chances of any costly delays to the approval process.


All Our Services are In-House

At Multiply Property Group, we don’t use surveying subcontractors. Our Surveyors are licensed, long time employees who can be trusted to treat our clients and their properties with the utmost respect. Our Surveyors are also dedicated to your project from start to finish which means you’ll have a single point of contact and enjoy continuity of service through to your project’s completion.


Surveying Done Right the First Time

As subdivision and property development professionals, we understand the potential costs associated with inaccurate surveys. Failure to cover off all the necessary information, or the inclusion of unreliable data, can result in permits being denied, the need to resurvey the property and costly delays to a project. Having managed hundreds of surveying and subdivision projects across Perth and WA, we are committed to getting it right the first time, ensuring your project runs as smoothly as possible.


Access to Expert Advice

At Multiply Property Group, we pride ourselves not only on delivering the highest quality, compliant and detail-oriented surveying services, but we’re also passionate about educating our clients. We take the time to walk each client through the entire process, sharing valuable insights and practical tips to help facilitate optimal and profitable outcomes for their subdivision projects.



Regardless of a project’s size or scope, we are committed to maintaining honest and transparent channels of communication with all our clients. We’re all about helping our clients build a portfolio & wealth through property so ensure they are provided with all the information necessary to make informed and intelligent decisions. Our aim is to make the process as stress-free as possible which means we work closely with clients to ensure they remain fully informed throughout the entire project.



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