The Importance of Property Surveys

A detailed property survey carried out by a Licensed Surveyor is an essential tool for accurately costing a property development project. Without an accurate survey, the details of any works required to prepare a site, as well as an understanding of any elements likely to affect the development, will be unknown. Furthermore, a property survey should be conducted prior to commissioning the design of any subdivision, renovation or new construction. The survey will provide all the information needed by Architects, Drafts People and Landscapers to create the most suitable and cost-effective designs for your land.

Multiply Property Group offers comprehensive surveying services carried out by our licensed and experienced, in-house professionals. We specialise in all major types of residential surveys and pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, meticulous attention to detail and up to date knowledge of local and state planning regulations.


Integrated Surveying, Subdivision and Property Development Services

We can take care of all your surveying needs right across Perth and offer our service on either a stand-alone basis, or as part of our comprehensive subdivision and property development packages. We specialise in investment property and are passionate about helping our clients take advantage of a range of value-add strategies to really optimise the financial returns generated by their properties.

Multiply Property Group’s Surveyors work closely with our Project Managers to facilitate profitable, seamless and stress-free property development projects for our clients. Taking responsibility for all the necessary paper work, site preparation, service connections and permit applications, our clients can relax knowing everything required to progress their project is expertly taken care of.


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