Residential Survey Types

A comprehensive and accurate survey forms the foundation for the design, execution and legal approval of any major property improvement or redevelopment project. The information contained in a survey is not only relied upon by Architects, Drafts People and Landscapers when designing subdivision overlays and new buildings, but is an essential element of any permit application. Together with your prospective designs, a property survey highlights to various interested parties, such as statutory bodies and utility service providers, whether your proposed development plans are viable and acceptable under local laws.  

Multiply Property Group’s experienced and licensed Surveyors carry out four primary types of property surveys including:

Don’t forget, in addition to surveying, Multiply Property Group’s team includes experienced Project Managers who can assist with all facets of your subdivision or property development project. We aim to make the entire process as stress-free as possible by handling not only the surveying, but also completion and lodgement of all the paperwork, liaison with statutory authorities and service providers, management of any required site preparation works and complete transitioning of the project through to approval. Contact us to discuss your next property development project today.