What is a Strata Development Survey?

A Strata Development Survey is conducted with a view to creating individual land parcels, known as Survey Strata, on one original title. Carried out by a licensed Surveyor, it is conducted by physically placing survey marks, or pegs, on the land to indicate the boundaries of the newly proposed Survey Strata. The plan does not encompass buildings but rather focuses on the existing and newly proposed boundaries only.

A Strata Plan is the subdivision of the building and the surrounding property into private spaces and commonly shared property and/or services. Survey Strata Subdivisions requires approval from the WAPC and local and state government authorities such as Western Power and the Water Corporation


When is a Strata Development Survey Required?

Strata Development Surveys are often relied upon in developments that will be retaining an existing house because it is easier and more straightforward to alter, or even completely demolish the home, in the future via a Survey Strata Scheme than under other types of Strata Schemes. They also form the basis for any subdivision of vacant land and are necessary prior to creating subdivision design overlays.


Why use Multiply Property Group?

Multiply Property Group’s licensed Surveyors are experienced in a diverse range of Strata Development Surveys including new subdivisions, re-subdivisions and Survey Strata conversions. We are meticulous about maintaining up to date knowledge of local government, WAPC and Landgate regulations to ensure our Strata Development Surveys encompass all the information necessary for seamless progression of your project.